Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Liebster Award

Hey everyone !
I've got some exciting news, which I just found out myself :)
I've been nominated by the lovely Youngjoo, I think she was my first follower :)
I'm really suprised I'm already involved in this! So soon :)
If you don't know what the liebster award is, well than google it ! That's what I did :)
What I will explain to you guys is why people 'do' the liebster award !
It's just a way to get to know other new bloggers ! And for people who read your blog obviously !
I absolutly love the idea !

First I'll just tell you guys the rules !
1. Answer 11 question asked by your nominator, and tell your readers 11 facts about yourself.
2. Choose 3-5 other blogger with less than 200 subscribers to pass the award onto.
3. Make 11 question for them to answer, and then go on their blogs and tell them about your nomination
Not that hard.. right ? We'll see how it goes !


1. I love reading books !
2. I get addicted to series, books and shows a lot.
3. I love shopping !
4. Summer is my favourite time of the year !
5. I love watching/making Youtube videos
6. I love hearing what other people think about me, my videos and my blog posts !
7. I've read the Hunger Games in one day, now I'm waiting for my mum to get me Catching Fire and Mockingjay !
No explanation necessary !
8. My first concert was when I was really little, Diana Ross. She actually kissed me on the cheek !!:)
9. One place I want to go before I die is, Bora Bora !
10. I would like to dip dye my hair, but I don't think my mother would let me do that !
11. I've actually done '25 facts about me' in a blog post and video, so this was really hard for me hahaha !


1. What do your wear for pajamas?
Well, depends on the season. In the summer/spring I've some boring ones, just a top and a short,and one which says 'being cute is not a crime' hahaha. And in the winter/fall I wear a shirt with some pants, nothing special !

2. What's your favourite snack food?  
Mini egg rolls ! Uhg, I love them : )

3. Favourite thing to order at the a coffee shop?
hmmm, this is not a hard question ! Because I actually have NEVER been in a coffee shop. 
But I would probably have a muffin and a milk with a little bit of coffee. No not coffee with milk :)

4. Pc or Mac? Why?
Pc, because I've never even touched a Mac so I've got no idea. But I think I would prefer a Mac if  I could use them both one day and then choose ! 

5. What's your favourite time of the day ?
In the afternoon. It's not early so you didn't just came out of bed. It's also not late, which then doesnt mean you almost have to go to bed. And it's always the hottest time of the day ! And it's not just getting dark or something like that ! PERFECT !

6. Do you have an outfit that you love? If so what is it?
Uhm, well if you've seen my '25 facts about me' Youtube video, you would know that when I haven't been shopping for a while. I hate every single piece of clothing I have. And then I bought some new clothes and I love it all again. And I haven't shopped for a while so. Wrong time.Wrong question :).
*maybe I'll answer it again tomorrow*

7. Have you ever accidentally thrown somehing important away?
Who hasn't ? I can't remember what I've thrown away but I do remember it happening a lot! (still is)
And sometimes I can't remember it, so I think someonelse has thrown it away t! Still think that ! But no one else does though...

8. What's the worst moment when your phone failed on you?
I think just when no one else has a phone and my batteries dies. Can remember it happening, can't remember the story. Not really a good answer this one :)

9. If you could be a character in any book, who would it be? 
Hermoine Granger, I mean come on. You're smart, beatiful, got a great story to tell your kids when you grow up and marry Ron weasly !    Potterhead perhaps?:)

10. Do you have any role models?
JK. Rowling! First of all, she wrote Harry Potter. She's a real feminist. She doesn't give up, Harry Potter is rejected about 12 times, still didn't give up ! And she's just so smart!

11.  What's your dream career?
I think, living in London and earning money with Youtube<3, and after that get a career in designing or something like that! 

Finally done ! I've got to say, it was fun ! :)
Now I've got to think of my questions...


1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
2. Do you like reading blogs of people who are similair to you, the little blogs which are just starting of. Or do you like reading famous blogs like 'Zoella'?
3.  Which blog post out of all your blog posts are you most proud of?
4. If you could be in one movie, which one would it be?
5. I you had to choose one word that you would use to describe yourself, what would it be?
6. What are your goals in life ?
7. What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you?
8. What/who made you start blogging ?
9. If you could change the opinion of one famous person with your blog, who would it be?
10. Do you have Pamper evenings? If so, what do you do ?

(This was the hardest part for me)
Chelsea Allison- Boutique 29
Zelda | Beauty, Thoughts, Fashion

I really enjoyed doing all this ! Hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading !

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Beach Day

unedited source unable to find again
Hey everyone !
 As you may already have noticed, I got some social media icons on my blog now ! Most of the accounts aren't really finished, but I'm working on that so no worries !

After 'wasting' a lot of time watching Youtube videos and reading blog posts, I actually got out of the house! I know, it's shocking! Because this is honestly not really something I like to do that much, I don't do it often. But since I went out of the house for once I figured, might as well blog about! So here is my not so amazing story about my day:

Yes everyone! I went to the beach, with some friends. First of all, it sounds really fun but honestly, it was booooring. Don't get me wrong, I like spending time with friends but some days nothing happens and I'm not really enjoying myself. So the day started of  twith being called by my friend. Nothing special just asking if she could bring her sister and her friend which I both never had really spoken with or anything like that. But that's wasn't a problem, just made things a little bit different.

Then we had to go to the beach (obviously) which normally is about a 35 minute bike ride, but it isn't a 35. min bike ride when it 31 degrees out there! So when I thought I arrived, they wanted to go to another beach which is another 7 minute or so bike ride to top it. Why did we do that? Because we could get ice cream. But at the end of the day we didn't even get ice cream. It's getting hotter and hotter and we went to sit in the sun after swimming, and then it really got boring. There was just nothing to say or to do. I did turn my friend in to a mermaid with some sand but nothing else did really happen though.

So it was getting later and me and my sister are leaving. Still nothing special happening... At the end we were both a bit burned and after which now turned out the be more like a 1 hour and 15 minutes bike ride (because it's now 36 degrees) we were finally home. Home.sweet.home!

I hope this post doesn't stop you hanging around with friends and taking chanches! ;)
 See you soon!

Monday, 22 July 2013

My First Video

Hey everyone !
Just a little update post for you !
So today I put my first ever video on youtube !
It's actually the 'my first video challenge'. Which I came up with myself !
I know it's not a good video but I figured you've got to start somewhere !
Comment what you think,
I'll also try to get social media-icons on my blog this week.

Friday, 19 July 2013

How to | Meet new People

Hey there !
So you want to know how to meet new people ?
I'll try to help you all out ! So let's start with how you get know someone new :

How do you find new people ??

So first of let's go somewhere !
Don't just sit at home reading a book, or watching TV ! Get out there !
Maybe you can go to the beach with some friends, you'll probably see a lot of new people !
Or you can try out a new hobby, then you will definitly meet new friends ! Or go dancing, or bowling, or try a new course !
But when you see someone you know nothing about, how do you get to know them ?

How do you approach someone new ?

How do you do that ? Honestly most of the time I can't remember what happened and why I know them all of the sudden ! But sometimes I do know how, so let me tell you !

When your in a pool or something and you're playing a game, try throwing the ball at 'the new person'. Then,  go and get it or when 'the new person' comes to give it to you, ask if he/she wants to play along !
It might sound like something in a movie, but honestly it works !

Maybe you know someone by name, but really like to get to know him/her better !
If you know someone because you go to school together or something like that, look for 'the new person' when you don't have class ! Maybe talke a bit , but what do you say ? Maybe ask her about what he/she is doing after school, does 'the new person have a lot of homework, or a lot of tests ? Is he/ she going to the dance too ? Just simple question which you both can relate to !  So don't start with personal questions and also, don't talk about relationships the very first time. But the most important thing is, make sure the person does know who you are and likes you too. Don't go to someone who thinks you're just stupid and will laugh in your face !

But how do you know someone likes you though ?

How do you know someone likes you ?

So you talked, but does he/she liked you and the talk you guys had ?
If she really liked it, you probably don't even have this question (except if you're really insecure).
Because everyone can see it when someone is laughing and having fun right ?
But what if you're not sure ?
Ask friends who saw you talking, or maybe aks them if they can come along next time you go talk so then can see themselfs. If you do this make sure 'the new person' doesn't only likes your friend !
Find out by asking her friends, watch out with this because if you do it wrong the friends will think you're 'the new persons' stalker !

And when you finally know 'the new person' likes you, how do you make sure you will keep contact and even become friends ?

How do you keep contact ?

First of all, if it's someone you don't see in school or something like that, make sure he/she has something so they can keep in touch with you. Give them your number or Facebook, something like that !

If you see each other in school, go sit with 'the new person'. But make sure you wait a couple of days, if you don't they will think you're a weirdo ! And again make sure 'the new person' likes you !
So you've talked a couple of times and you seem to hit it off with 'the new person'.
How do you become a friend ?

How do you become a friend ?

Maybe throw a party and invite 'the new person'. This is the most risky way to do it but if they come you're definitly friends !

In this stage you should definitly have the phonenumber of 'the new person'. Chat a bit and try to find something you can do together. Maybe you both like skating or you both love to draw !
Try doing this a couple of times, never meet someone new and figure you find something to do later ! Always have a plan, you don't have to share that plan if you don't want. Because then the new person thinks your really relaxed !


Hope it helped you out !


Thursday, 18 July 2013

M&M Nails | Tutorial

Hey everyone !
So today I'm going to show you how I made my M&M nail art!

Start of with your base coat, always do this !
Because when you don't your nails start to colour !

Now make cirkels on your nails !
Use the colours of M&M's !

Now use a white nail art brush for the M !
Make them look a bit round and don't be to neat with the lines !

For my left hand I used the same colours on the same fingers !
But I didn't make a round and I also didn't make a M but just some stripes !

Now use a top coat to finish it of and make it all nice and shiny !


Finished ! If it worked out for you, treat yourself with some M&M's !
If it didn't cheer yourself up with some M&M's !

So all done !
Hope you liked it !


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How to | Create a customized header on Blogger NO DOWNLOADS

Hey everybody,
Today I want to show you guys something I came up with myself. I sort of mixed two tutorials together and voila! Hope it helps you out.

So, how to create a customized header on Blogger without any downloads. Just one website!
In only six steps you've got your own header.

Number One
Go to picmonkey.com and create a header. For your background, use the same colour as your background in your blog.
You can do all this fun stuff with it! Just check out every option and create something wonderful !

Number two
When you've made your on little design just save it about 7 times.

Then cut the photos you saved up like this:
Remember the parts you cut up by the numbers! Then just drag it to the other side.

Number three
Now go to blogger, and click to post a new post.
Put al the cut outs in the post and make sure they're all the original size. Then change it too HTML. (left corner)
so this:

will be this:

Number four
Open up another blogger page on your computer, go to layout and click to edit your pages. Unclick the 'automatically add new pages when they are published' button. Then delete your pages.
So you will have this:

Now add a new gadget, HTML/JavaScript.

Number five
Go back to your blogger page with the photos in them and find the code with your name and design first.
Then select the part where it says <img border....jpg'' />.
Then copy the link to your HTML/JavaScript gadget, do this with all your photos! 
So then it should look a bit like this:

The area which was called pages should now be called HTML/JavaScript.

Number six
You should now see your header on your blog! You don't need the photos anymore.
If the image doesn't really fit, change the size of your blog.

Now let's get the links in! Go to your HTML/Javascript where you have your header HTML.
Leave the HTML open and now go to your pages and copy your link:
Now put that link in your HTML by going to the <img border...jpg> from Home and before <img border..jpg> type: <a href = then put in the link behind it <a href=http://testforeveramber.blogspot.com/ and then end it with this  >     
Just like this :

There you have it!
Now you can click your home and you will actually get  to your homepage.

So you're finished. If you got any problems comment or email me whenever you like,
also if it worked out for you, let me know! I would like to see all of your customized headers!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nail Polish Collection

Hey everybody!
Today I want you guys to see my 'Nail Polish collection'.
Hope you like it!

College Hero - Blues of Being Cool
This collection is a bit older but still pretty new.
The left one is a top coat wich you can use with the right one. I think they look very stylish together.

Absolutely Blue - Do You Speak Love? - English Rose - That's What I Mint!
This is the newest collection I think.
The ones on the right I've never used before. But I love the colours. 
This collection is a bit old, and as you can see I used them a lot.
The colours are really bright and fun!
These ones didn't match with any other one.
The one on the left is for nail art and on the right is for a top or base coat.

The left one was a gift and I think this is the best white nail polish I've ever had.
The other ones are a bit tiny so I almost never use them anymore.

So these ones I almost never use. Just because I don't use the colours that often. But when I did use them they were really good, one coat is enough. And they're huuuge!


love it ! They're so good, and the pink is my favourite colour !
But they should be because they're not that cheap !

These ones are good for a party !
I do like to use the left one as a top coat.


I like the basic colours a lot for like aztec nail art and stuff !
And the glitter is really good, it's easy to put it on your nails !

These are Fogan too, but these ones are a bit smaller and longer so perfect fore nail art !

The light was different so I just changed the hole photo hahaha !
But these are all the same Max Nail Art collection and I love them!
A lot of different colours, wonderful !

Same thing happened with this photo !
I like the three in front the ones in the back are boring just a base coat and a white which is not really white anymore !
The NYC one is really good, the other two aren't that good you should definitely use two ore more coats ! But the colours are very pretty !
PROSTECT PARK PINK  - x - x - x - White Dream

So there you have it guys! My nail polish collection !
Hope you liked it !


Twin Tag

Hey there,
So today I did the twin tag with my sister.
Here are the questions and of course our answers. Enjoy!
the questions twin tag

Twin Tag

1. Who's the oldest?
My sister, Lela is 16 minutes older. And we're actually born on the 16th of september! See the link there? :)

2. Can you show an old photo?
This is in Mexico, we're about two I think in this pictures,
we didn't grow hair that fast so that's why we're almost bold.
3. Favourite memory together is?
Amber; I like when we went on a holiday and just playing in the pool and all this other fun games and stuff!
Lela; I just like us having fun and also playing fun games!

4. Each others dream job?
Amber; I think you liked to be an famous and rich person and becoming that by doing something you like, hahaha.
Lela; You would probably do something with desinging stuff, and you'll like the be a youtuber.
Amber; TRUE

5. Who takes longer to get ready?
Amber; Lela, definitely! I always sleep way longer but I'm still finished before she does.
Lela; Yes, I'm just not that fast..^^

6. Do you have anything matching ?
Amber; We do, we've got heart shaped necklaces, mine says 'Lil Twin'.
Lela; and mine says 'Big Twin'.

7. Did you ever dress alike?
Lela; Yeah we did when our Mother dressed us. 
Amber; But when we were older we developed our own styles.

8. Song you would describe each other ?
Amber; No clou..
Lela; I don't no either!

9. What colour are you're araus ?
Amber; I would say blue, nothing special and just neutral ;)
Lela; Thank you very much! ;/  Hahaha, but with you I would say, 'orangie pink'.

10. One thing that you can do well that the other can't ?
Amber; Well, you're better in school and you can drum.
Lela; And you can play the guitar, are bit better in sports and you can draw better.

11. Do you have the same personalities ?
both; NOOO

12. Silliest question about being twins ?
Amber; A friend once hit Lela and then asked me if I felt it too, I thought that was a bit silly.
Lela; It's not really a question. But some people think we're like exactly the same, but of course we're two different people

13. Describe each other in one word ?
Amber; mature
Lela; stupid ;)

14.  One thing that annoys you about each other ?
Amber; Lela sometimes act likes she's my mom, that kills me! hahaha
Lela; You always act like this teenage-girl, so annooyying !

15. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why ?
Amber; I would go to Playlist Live with you! We both love the same Youtubers!
Lela; We should go to London, Harry Potter Studios!

16. Nicknames you have for each other ?
Amber; Stupid, dumb, weirdo
Lela; We don't have nicknames, we just call each other names! hahaha

17. What do you order at fast food restaurants ?
* we only go to  Mc Donalds *
both: We get one medium Mc chicken menu! Then we order another burger and a milkshake! And we share the frites.
Amber; I always have a strawberry milkshake.
Lela; I always have a vanilla milkshake.

18. Favourite thing about each other ?
Amber; I like that you don't care about what people think about you.
Lela; I like that when I'm fighting with someone you help me out.

19. Favourite inside joke ?
both; We watch Roseanne and the Cosby Show. And no one else watches this series, so when something similair happens we always laugh.

20. Are you indentical ?
Amber; We don't know.
Lela; Even the doctor didn't!

So this was the Twin tag! Hope you liked it!


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Just Say Yes | Zoella's Video

Hey you,
Today I watched Zoella's video 'Just Say Yes' on Youtube for like the third time.
I just love the video and that's actually what maked me start this blog!

After I watched it I was thinking about what she said, and so I said 'yes' to something right away.
I went and did some skateboarding, which I hadn't done in a long time and I actually really enjoyed it.
So I figured I should say yes to more things, like starting this blog!

I just think it's amazing how one person (in this case Zoe) can change your day.
That's what I really love about blogging and Youtube, you can actually help people and make them smile.
Wonderful right? I want to know what you guys think of Youtube and stuff like that, let me know in the comments.

So this is just a 'thank you Zoe' post.
I'll see you all soon!

Monday, 8 July 2013

25 Facts About Me

Hey you!
I'm going to blog '25 facts about me', but to be honest with you I'm not sure I'm interesting enough though. Let's see then!

25 Facts About Me

1. I've got a sweet twin sister
2.  I'm a massive Potterhead :)
3. I'd really love to go see all these beautiful parts of the world
4. My favourite youtubers are, Jim, Alfie, Zoe, Louise, Tanya, Tyler, Marcus, Joey, Joe, Caspar and of course Jack and Finn <3<3
5. I like longboarding and skateboarding
6. I always think I've got stupid clothes when I haven't shopped for a while
7. I love tropical fruits like, watermelon and mango
8. When I like something I'm going to do or have, I can't stop talking and thinking about it
9. I keep this cordate stone my mum once gave me, under my pillow because then I don't know.. I just like it
10. I really hope I'll be a mother when I'm older
11. I'm good at nail art
12. I love making a snowman and drinking hot choco in the winter
13. I really like these days when I don't have to go to school and I can just be with familiy or something like that
14. My favourite colour is pink/red(ish)
15. When I was younger I took pianolessons for about one and a half months, but my teacher sucked
16. My favourite food is Indian food
17. I was addicted to Sims 3 for a looooong time
18. When I was younger I couldnt't whistle, than I could, than I couldn't and now...I can
19. I love chocolate chip cookies and donuts<3<3<3
20. I can play guitar
21. I'm really small for my age, and I'll always be, just look at my mum
22. I don't wear make-up and I almost never wear heels
23. I think looking at my window at night is really scary
24. I'm a smarter than a average person, which I'm actually really happy with ^^
25. I like making lists, it helps me a lot. But sometimes I'm just to lazy to make a list -,-

So that's my not so interesting life!
See you soon, and thank you for still reading! ;)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Room | Transformation

Hey there!
So this is 'My Room | Transformation', I really wanted to change my room for a long time now.
You'll understand why when you see this photos.

My Old Room
Here I sometimes make my homework, I draw and just do 'stuff you need a desk for.'So this is my part of the room which I share with my twin sister.

This is my sisters corner, she took these photos, they're a bit different so I've chosen a differnt collage !
And this is where my sister does almost exactly the same stuff as me! But as you may already have seen, she's a bit more messy!

Corner 1.

You can see my fieldhockey-bag onder the bed! Harry Potter 3 in Dutch and Harry Potter 2 in English are lying on the bed :). There also is a microphone we use for recording and a cute mirror with dolphins on them which will defenitly stay in my new room!

Corner 2.
Here you can see my bookcase with mostly books I'm way to old for! Some trophys my sister has won and other stuff like foamfingers! :)

Corner 3.
So this is the bestpart of the room if you ask me! It's not that messy, you can see my TV,guitar and my trophies on the top shelf.

Corner 4.
My guitar again,  NY and skateboarding posters. This part of the room I always thought was really unorganized, hate it!

Hope you like my little room tourish blog so far!


Hello you!
I really have big dreams for the future, what about you ?
For an example, I would love to get much better in blogging and I like to start a Youtube channel too. Or be a fashion designer, something like that.
And of course my more realistic ones like, owning a shop and becoming a psychologist which I do have the brains for.

That's what everyone should do, dreaming.
You will always have your dreams, even if in reality your life maybe isn't that wonderful.
So that's my advice. Keep Dreaming!
Also, where would you go in life without your dreams, I feel like people who don't have dreams just don't 'live'. Why would you do something you don't like? (well if you need the money). But people who do have the money and the chances are sometimes to scared. Just take a risk once, it can turn out great. And if it doesn't, just try again. Or perhaps try something else!

And of course you always have the dreams in your sleep.
I always find them really weird. For me, they never make any sense. I once had a dream where I was kidnapped by Winnie-the-Pooh, I was really scared!
Weird isn't? Something doesn't have to be scary, to be scared in a dream.

And when do you have nightmares? Of course if you have seen something scary or you've experienced something horrible. But sometimes I just get them all of the sudden, even if my day was perfect! And why can't we remember some of our dreams? All these questions, I just can't figure out dreaming!

I think no one will understand dreaming, not really.
Yes I know there are experts, but I still think dreams are something magical!


Monday, 1 July 2013

Starting Of

Hey there!

So I decided to start this blog!
I don't really know where I'm going to write about. Just things that are on my mind I guess.
Hope you like it! If you want to get to know me, read 'About'.
Oh and I also love quotes, so that's something you'll get!



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