Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hello you!
I really have big dreams for the future, what about you ?
For an example, I would love to get much better in blogging and I like to start a Youtube channel too. Or be a fashion designer, something like that.
And of course my more realistic ones like, owning a shop and becoming a psychologist which I do have the brains for.

That's what everyone should do, dreaming.
You will always have your dreams, even if in reality your life maybe isn't that wonderful.
So that's my advice. Keep Dreaming!
Also, where would you go in life without your dreams, I feel like people who don't have dreams just don't 'live'. Why would you do something you don't like? (well if you need the money). But people who do have the money and the chances are sometimes to scared. Just take a risk once, it can turn out great. And if it doesn't, just try again. Or perhaps try something else!

And of course you always have the dreams in your sleep.
I always find them really weird. For me, they never make any sense. I once had a dream where I was kidnapped by Winnie-the-Pooh, I was really scared!
Weird isn't? Something doesn't have to be scary, to be scared in a dream.

And when do you have nightmares? Of course if you have seen something scary or you've experienced something horrible. But sometimes I just get them all of the sudden, even if my day was perfect! And why can't we remember some of our dreams? All these questions, I just can't figure out dreaming!

I think no one will understand dreaming, not really.
Yes I know there are experts, but I still think dreams are something magical!



  1. Hey there! I love your blog! this is a great post btw very interesting:) I also love your theme where did you get your background from its adorable?
    I would love it if you checked out my blog no pressure though:)

    1. Hi! Thank you!:)
      I sort of forget hahaha. I have it on my Pinterest, so if you want to have it. go check it out!
      Hahaha, I'll check it out! ;)


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