Wednesday, 17 July 2013

How to | Create a customized header on Blogger NO DOWNLOADS

Hey everybody,
Today I want to show you guys something I came up with myself. I sort of mixed two tutorials together and voila! Hope it helps you out.

So, how to create a customized header on Blogger without any downloads. Just one website!
In only six steps you've got your own header.

Number One
Go to and create a header. For your background, use the same colour as your background in your blog.
You can do all this fun stuff with it! Just check out every option and create something wonderful !

Number two
When you've made your on little design just save it about 7 times.

Then cut the photos you saved up like this:
Remember the parts you cut up by the numbers! Then just drag it to the other side.

Number three
Now go to blogger, and click to post a new post.
Put al the cut outs in the post and make sure they're all the original size. Then change it too HTML. (left corner)
so this:

will be this:

Number four
Open up another blogger page on your computer, go to layout and click to edit your pages. Unclick the 'automatically add new pages when they are published' button. Then delete your pages.
So you will have this:

Now add a new gadget, HTML/JavaScript.

Number five
Go back to your blogger page with the photos in them and find the code with your name and design first.
Then select the part where it says <img border....jpg'' />.
Then copy the link to your HTML/JavaScript gadget, do this with all your photos! 
So then it should look a bit like this:

The area which was called pages should now be called HTML/JavaScript.

Number six
You should now see your header on your blog! You don't need the photos anymore.
If the image doesn't really fit, change the size of your blog.

Now let's get the links in! Go to your HTML/Javascript where you have your header HTML.
Leave the HTML open and now go to your pages and copy your link:
Now put that link in your HTML by going to the <img border...jpg> from Home and before <img border..jpg> type: <a href = then put in the link behind it <a href= and then end it with this  >     
Just like this :

There you have it!
Now you can click your home and you will actually get  to your homepage.

So you're finished. If you got any problems comment or email me whenever you like,
also if it worked out for you, let me know! I would like to see all of your customized headers!

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