Friday, 19 July 2013

How to | Meet new People

Hey there !
So you want to know how to meet new people ?
I'll try to help you all out ! So let's start with how you get know someone new :

How do you find new people ??

So first of let's go somewhere !
Don't just sit at home reading a book, or watching TV ! Get out there !
Maybe you can go to the beach with some friends, you'll probably see a lot of new people !
Or you can try out a new hobby, then you will definitly meet new friends ! Or go dancing, or bowling, or try a new course !
But when you see someone you know nothing about, how do you get to know them ?

How do you approach someone new ?

How do you do that ? Honestly most of the time I can't remember what happened and why I know them all of the sudden ! But sometimes I do know how, so let me tell you !

When your in a pool or something and you're playing a game, try throwing the ball at 'the new person'. Then,  go and get it or when 'the new person' comes to give it to you, ask if he/she wants to play along !
It might sound like something in a movie, but honestly it works !

Maybe you know someone by name, but really like to get to know him/her better !
If you know someone because you go to school together or something like that, look for 'the new person' when you don't have class ! Maybe talke a bit , but what do you say ? Maybe ask her about what he/she is doing after school, does 'the new person have a lot of homework, or a lot of tests ? Is he/ she going to the dance too ? Just simple question which you both can relate to !  So don't start with personal questions and also, don't talk about relationships the very first time. But the most important thing is, make sure the person does know who you are and likes you too. Don't go to someone who thinks you're just stupid and will laugh in your face !

But how do you know someone likes you though ?

How do you know someone likes you ?

So you talked, but does he/she liked you and the talk you guys had ?
If she really liked it, you probably don't even have this question (except if you're really insecure).
Because everyone can see it when someone is laughing and having fun right ?
But what if you're not sure ?
Ask friends who saw you talking, or maybe aks them if they can come along next time you go talk so then can see themselfs. If you do this make sure 'the new person' doesn't only likes your friend !
Find out by asking her friends, watch out with this because if you do it wrong the friends will think you're 'the new persons' stalker !

And when you finally know 'the new person' likes you, how do you make sure you will keep contact and even become friends ?

How do you keep contact ?

First of all, if it's someone you don't see in school or something like that, make sure he/she has something so they can keep in touch with you. Give them your number or Facebook, something like that !

If you see each other in school, go sit with 'the new person'. But make sure you wait a couple of days, if you don't they will think you're a weirdo ! And again make sure 'the new person' likes you !
So you've talked a couple of times and you seem to hit it off with 'the new person'.
How do you become a friend ?

How do you become a friend ?

Maybe throw a party and invite 'the new person'. This is the most risky way to do it but if they come you're definitly friends !

In this stage you should definitly have the phonenumber of 'the new person'. Chat a bit and try to find something you can do together. Maybe you both like skating or you both love to draw !
Try doing this a couple of times, never meet someone new and figure you find something to do later ! Always have a plan, you don't have to share that plan if you don't want. Because then the new person thinks your really relaxed !


Hope it helped you out !



  1. I'd love to feature you on blogs by kids! Summer gets crazy at my house but I can do you this week :). Thanks for stopping by bbk!


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