Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Liebster Award

Hey everyone !
I've got some exciting news, which I just found out myself :)
I've been nominated by the lovely Youngjoo, I think she was my first follower :)
I'm really suprised I'm already involved in this! So soon :)
If you don't know what the liebster award is, well than google it ! That's what I did :)
What I will explain to you guys is why people 'do' the liebster award !
It's just a way to get to know other new bloggers ! And for people who read your blog obviously !
I absolutly love the idea !

First I'll just tell you guys the rules !
1. Answer 11 question asked by your nominator, and tell your readers 11 facts about yourself.
2. Choose 3-5 other blogger with less than 200 subscribers to pass the award onto.
3. Make 11 question for them to answer, and then go on their blogs and tell them about your nomination
Not that hard.. right ? We'll see how it goes !


1. I love reading books !
2. I get addicted to series, books and shows a lot.
3. I love shopping !
4. Summer is my favourite time of the year !
5. I love watching/making Youtube videos
6. I love hearing what other people think about me, my videos and my blog posts !
7. I've read the Hunger Games in one day, now I'm waiting for my mum to get me Catching Fire and Mockingjay !
No explanation necessary !
8. My first concert was when I was really little, Diana Ross. She actually kissed me on the cheek !!:)
9. One place I want to go before I die is, Bora Bora !
10. I would like to dip dye my hair, but I don't think my mother would let me do that !
11. I've actually done '25 facts about me' in a blog post and video, so this was really hard for me hahaha !


1. What do your wear for pajamas?
Well, depends on the season. In the summer/spring I've some boring ones, just a top and a short,and one which says 'being cute is not a crime' hahaha. And in the winter/fall I wear a shirt with some pants, nothing special !

2. What's your favourite snack food?  
Mini egg rolls ! Uhg, I love them : )

3. Favourite thing to order at the a coffee shop?
hmmm, this is not a hard question ! Because I actually have NEVER been in a coffee shop. 
But I would probably have a muffin and a milk with a little bit of coffee. No not coffee with milk :)

4. Pc or Mac? Why?
Pc, because I've never even touched a Mac so I've got no idea. But I think I would prefer a Mac if  I could use them both one day and then choose ! 

5. What's your favourite time of the day ?
In the afternoon. It's not early so you didn't just came out of bed. It's also not late, which then doesnt mean you almost have to go to bed. And it's always the hottest time of the day ! And it's not just getting dark or something like that ! PERFECT !

6. Do you have an outfit that you love? If so what is it?
Uhm, well if you've seen my '25 facts about me' Youtube video, you would know that when I haven't been shopping for a while. I hate every single piece of clothing I have. And then I bought some new clothes and I love it all again. And I haven't shopped for a while so. Wrong time.Wrong question :).
*maybe I'll answer it again tomorrow*

7. Have you ever accidentally thrown somehing important away?
Who hasn't ? I can't remember what I've thrown away but I do remember it happening a lot! (still is)
And sometimes I can't remember it, so I think someonelse has thrown it away t! Still think that ! But no one else does though...

8. What's the worst moment when your phone failed on you?
I think just when no one else has a phone and my batteries dies. Can remember it happening, can't remember the story. Not really a good answer this one :)

9. If you could be a character in any book, who would it be? 
Hermoine Granger, I mean come on. You're smart, beatiful, got a great story to tell your kids when you grow up and marry Ron weasly !    Potterhead perhaps?:)

10. Do you have any role models?
JK. Rowling! First of all, she wrote Harry Potter. She's a real feminist. She doesn't give up, Harry Potter is rejected about 12 times, still didn't give up ! And she's just so smart!

11.  What's your dream career?
I think, living in London and earning money with Youtube<3, and after that get a career in designing or something like that! 

Finally done ! I've got to say, it was fun ! :)
Now I've got to think of my questions...


1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
2. Do you like reading blogs of people who are similair to you, the little blogs which are just starting of. Or do you like reading famous blogs like 'Zoella'?
3.  Which blog post out of all your blog posts are you most proud of?
4. If you could be in one movie, which one would it be?
5. I you had to choose one word that you would use to describe yourself, what would it be?
6. What are your goals in life ?
7. What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you?
8. What/who made you start blogging ?
9. If you could change the opinion of one famous person with your blog, who would it be?
10. Do you have Pamper evenings? If so, what do you do ?

(This was the hardest part for me)
Chelsea Allison- Boutique 29
Zelda | Beauty, Thoughts, Fashion

I really enjoyed doing all this ! Hope you enjoy it, thanks for reading !


  1. Hi!!! Thanks so much for doing this :) It was fun reading. I can't believe you haven't been to a cafe/coffee shop! I was really obsessed with cafes for a while.. but yeah I drink milk with a little bit of coffee too. All my friends make fun of me for that, as does my sort of boyfriend. I'm a huge potterhead too!!! :))

    1. Hi!! Thank you so much for giving me the chance to do this ! :) Hahahaha ! We've got a lot in common !

  2. Hey, what font do you use for the date and side bar titles?

    Could you check the names for me?



    1. Hey, I looked it up for you !
      It's Homemade apple !

      You're welcome and thanks for visiting my blog !


  3. Hi! Just discovered your blog and I love it! Great posts and love your answers! :)

    ~ www.brunette-wavez.blogspot.com

    1. Hi! Well, thank you very much ! :)
      I'll check out your blog right away !

  4. Thank you soooooooooo much for nominating me! It means a lot! Here is my post answering your questions : http://plumcherrytree.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/liebster-award.html

    1. You're welcome !
      I loved your post ! And I mean the opinion of a famous person not what other people think of him/her hahaha :)

  5. Congrats on the award! I just recently discovered your blog and it's super cute :) hopefully you can check mine out!


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