Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Room | Transformation

Hey there!
So this is 'My Room | Transformation', I really wanted to change my room for a long time now.
You'll understand why when you see this photos.

My Old Room
Here I sometimes make my homework, I draw and just do 'stuff you need a desk for.'So this is my part of the room which I share with my twin sister.

This is my sisters corner, she took these photos, they're a bit different so I've chosen a differnt collage !
And this is where my sister does almost exactly the same stuff as me! But as you may already have seen, she's a bit more messy!

Corner 1.

You can see my fieldhockey-bag onder the bed! Harry Potter 3 in Dutch and Harry Potter 2 in English are lying on the bed :). There also is a microphone we use for recording and a cute mirror with dolphins on them which will defenitly stay in my new room!

Corner 2.
Here you can see my bookcase with mostly books I'm way to old for! Some trophys my sister has won and other stuff like foamfingers! :)

Corner 3.
So this is the bestpart of the room if you ask me! It's not that messy, you can see my TV,guitar and my trophies on the top shelf.

Corner 4.
My guitar again,  NY and skateboarding posters. This part of the room I always thought was really unorganized, hate it!

Hope you like my little room tourish blog so far!

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