Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nail Polish Collection

Hey everybody!
Today I want you guys to see my 'Nail Polish collection'.
Hope you like it!

College Hero - Blues of Being Cool
This collection is a bit older but still pretty new.
The left one is a top coat wich you can use with the right one. I think they look very stylish together.

Absolutely Blue - Do You Speak Love? - English Rose - That's What I Mint!
This is the newest collection I think.
The ones on the right I've never used before. But I love the colours. 
This collection is a bit old, and as you can see I used them a lot.
The colours are really bright and fun!
These ones didn't match with any other one.
The one on the left is for nail art and on the right is for a top or base coat.

The left one was a gift and I think this is the best white nail polish I've ever had.
The other ones are a bit tiny so I almost never use them anymore.

So these ones I almost never use. Just because I don't use the colours that often. But when I did use them they were really good, one coat is enough. And they're huuuge!


love it ! They're so good, and the pink is my favourite colour !
But they should be because they're not that cheap !

These ones are good for a party !
I do like to use the left one as a top coat.


I like the basic colours a lot for like aztec nail art and stuff !
And the glitter is really good, it's easy to put it on your nails !

These are Fogan too, but these ones are a bit smaller and longer so perfect fore nail art !

The light was different so I just changed the hole photo hahaha !
But these are all the same Max Nail Art collection and I love them!
A lot of different colours, wonderful !

Same thing happened with this photo !
I like the three in front the ones in the back are boring just a base coat and a white which is not really white anymore !
The NYC one is really good, the other two aren't that good you should definitely use two ore more coats ! But the colours are very pretty !
PROSTECT PARK PINK  - x - x - x - White Dream

So there you have it guys! My nail polish collection !
Hope you liked it !


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