Saturday, 24 August 2013

School is Starting | Happy or Sad?

Hi there!
So yes, school is starting again. Well I sort of missed the first days of school because I still have pain in my stomach. (explanation) But I will be starting very soon, and I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad...

So I thought blogging about it will be the perfect way to find out!
Because ForeverAmber is my own space on the web, I like to use it to clear out my mind. This is also how I will use this post. Most of the posts I use the clear everything up don't actually go online. But this one will (obviously, you're reading it right now!) because I think it could be interesting and maybe even helpful. I'm not making any promises though ;).

So first I thought let's design something. Don't know why really.

I checked both boxes because I think I'm happy but also sad! The clearing is already starting hahaha!

Next thing I'm going to do is make a list of the reasons why I'm happy to go back to school.

- I've got something to focus on.
- I can meet everyone again.
- I've got more chances of meeting new people than I do sitting at home doing nothing.
-  I learn new stuff.
- I actually do something.

Now I make a list of the reasons why I'm sad to go back to school
- Homework.
- Waking up early in the morning an just not getting enough sleep.
- Fighting and stress because of the people around me.
- Tests and learning.
- Stress because of your grades.

And I then went to school hahaha! And I enjoyed the first day! But I'm not sure how long that will last though...

That's about it. I think I had enough clearing. I now know I'll probably hate school when I'm going to school. And in a way look forward to it when I've got my vacation.

Hope you like this sort of post! Maybe it's something that will help you! (well I don't think the designing will help a lot of people though). If you like me to do clearing up post more often, comment!

Thanks for reading! I love you!

Monday, 19 August 2013

a Surprise Trip to the Hospital?!

Hi everyone!
Yes, I had a suprise trip to the hospital! I'm recovering at home now. 
I'll just start from the beginning!

So thursday I went to the dentist in the morning. Everything was fine.
Just a normal day. When all of the sudden I started getting some stomach-ache. Nothing special at the beginning.

Then my mother left to go for a little walk. The pain was getting worse and I started to have trouble breathing too. (The doctor later explained I was having trouble breathing because the pain in my stomach)
After calling my mother a couple of times she was back. And I was in more pain. When I was turning a little grey, my mother decided it probably wasn't gastroenteritis (which I had a couple of weeks ago)  and took me to a doctor.

When I was there I had to wait a while. And I walked a bit, I almost fainted because of the pain. Than obviously I could see a doctor right away -,-

The doctor examined me and thought it might be a appendicitis. So he sent me to the emergency room so they can do some blood tests.When I was there they did some more tests and stuff. A couple of hours later they had all the tests results. But they still weren't sure if it was a appendictis. So I had to sleep in the hospital and they would do the bloodtest again tomorrow. I couldn't eat or drink anything because if it was appendictis and I had to have a operation my stomach has to be empty.

I got a really nice room. And everyone was really lovely!
I got some stuff for the pain and I had a pretty good night.
The next day they took the bloodtest again but still no results. So they decided they have to look in my stomach like they do when your pregnant. (don´t know how to say that in English though). I´ve read some lovely comments and I now know it's called a ultrasound hahaha. And yes, I did have appendictis. And suprisingly, I wasn't in that much pain! It did mean I had to have a operation.

I'm not going to say much about that because, I didn't like it at all. And some people also don't like to read about these sort of things. I did thought it was funny when I was lying in the operation room and one doctor asked me what I want to become when I´m older, and I said I didn't know. And then he said that this would be the perfect moment to say you want to become a doctor hahaha!

After the operation I was really tired. And didn't do anything special.
Except replying to some comments on my blog and watching some field hockey! And my sister came to visit me and my mother.

Now I'm recovering at home. It's a lot better.
I still have a lot of pain in my stomach but the doctor said it will be over very soon!
I'm going to be posting in a while!

Thanks for reading!
I'm not english so I'm sorry this post isn't good!
I don't know that many words about hospitals and stuff! ;)
And I also didn't check it!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Autumn OOTD | Comfy Teen

Hi everyone!

Today I'm posting my fist OOTD! It's a bit of a Autumn type of thing!


bracelet -  Claire's
long cardigan - Primark
jeans - Primark
scarf - Primark
top - H&M
Can't remember the boots though.

Hope you enjoyed this little OOTD!
I don't like the fact I can't take pictures myself (well, I did make them with a timer but that doesn't really count) but I still enjoy putting an outfit together for you!


Friday, 9 August 2013

Garden and Longboarding

Hey everyone!
I haven't posted anything for a week now, I missed it!
I've been busy making Youtube videos and playing field hockey again!
Another reason why I've been away is because I simply didn't know what to write about.

And yes, I was a bit lazy too!

I was in my garden today, it's not that pretty. So I gave myself a challenge!
I had to try to make photos of the couple of flowers and beautiful stuff we do have in our garden! And make my garden look pretty for you! Let's see how it went.

Just a side note, I'm not good a making photos, I just try the best I can!

These flowers are in my garden the most
I thought these were really pretty
Same flowers, but these were higher so the sun was shining on them

Nothing to say really...

This more like what I mean, no flowers just plants

This my cat looking really mad because I was taking a picture of her!

This thingy was really lonely in the grass

I also did some longboarding which was really fun !

So I hope you liked the couple of photos I made! If you do, let me now in the comments!
There's also a arty farty post coming up!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Primark Haul

Hey everyone,
I went to Primark a couple of days ago! Exciting, this is my second time going to Primark, because we don't have a Primark where I live.

Just want to say, I didn't buy any acessoires or make up related things. Just because I didn't really need acessoires and I don't wear make up.


First I bought was this really nice blouse. It's got all this different coulered hearts, cirkels and other very cute shapes.


I like the way the blue looks a lot.
It's got a lovely a high neck and it's just really cute.

The pj's I bought are so adorable and really comfy!
The pants are way to big for me but I love that. And they've got panda's and hearts and big hugs and everything on them.


I bought this blouse in three different colours, they all have this really nice golden accent on the sleeves. They're really long, and pretty :)


I always wanted something like this! It's really long and you can just throw it over everything! And it's grey so it fits with almost everything too.


I lovelovelove knitted sweaters, especially in the winter! This one is a really light pink, orangy coulour. Oh well, actually got no idea how to descibe this colour hahaha! Again this one is realy comfy and you can't see your 'winter tummy' (for me my 'all season' tummy), so that's a plus ;)

This one is a bit different, I love the colour. It's a minty blue colour and it looks amazing! This fits a bit different than the other one, but it's still really lovely.

I bought this scarf which you can wear different ways, that's lovely. I'm sorry I don't know the price!

 I love these jeans! Love the dark colour and they're so comfy.

This hoodie is really warm and big and just perfect for home. I'm sort of in love.

I'm sorry I didn't the price to some items exactly because:
I kept the receipt so I thought I could just see the prices there. But what I didn't know was, they've got really weird names so you can't really know what's some items cost!

I also want to apologise because I don't really tell you that much about the clothes. I just told you how much I love them really hahaha! I think I just have to learn how to do this.

So I hope you enjoyed the post!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

One Month Anniversary

Hey everyone !
Something really exciting happened ! My blog is one month old !
I'm posting this because, I'm proud of it, want to show you  guys what you can expect for the next month and I want to show you guys what I've accomplished !


Yes, it's been a month! I gained some followers<3, saw some lovely comments and gained views too! So for everyone who followed me, or commented on my blog, or just read my blog, BIG THANKS TO YOU ! Now I'll just show you guys how many followers, comments and views I've had in this past month.

well actually 16 because I react to everything, but still. Love to read them and happy with every single one of them!

Really happy about this. And yes I did make sure my own views weren't counted. At first I was hoping to reach 100 views this month so this is AMAZING! Hopefully tomorrow I'll reach 1.000 views.

I saved the best for last, I love all of my followers! I just like the fact that people read my blog and actually want to read more. Oh LOVE YOU ALL! First I had no one following me, blogging was fun. Now I've got some people following me, blogging is super duper fun!:)


Now next month my blog will probably change a bit! Because I'm getting back to normal life!
School is starting in a couple of weeks :(, field hockey practice is back on next week, karate is starting when school starts. So I'm going to be really busy! And especailly school is going to be hectik.

So, my plan for this blog is to post weekly. I'm not sure  it's going to be in the weekends or any  another day. I think I will really know for sure when I've been to school a couple of weeks.

Hope you liked this little anniversary post! See you all soon!
This is how much I love my followers ;D
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