Thursday, 1 August 2013

One Month Anniversary

Hey everyone !
Something really exciting happened ! My blog is one month old !
I'm posting this because, I'm proud of it, want to show you  guys what you can expect for the next month and I want to show you guys what I've accomplished !


Yes, it's been a month! I gained some followers<3, saw some lovely comments and gained views too! So for everyone who followed me, or commented on my blog, or just read my blog, BIG THANKS TO YOU ! Now I'll just show you guys how many followers, comments and views I've had in this past month.

well actually 16 because I react to everything, but still. Love to read them and happy with every single one of them!

Really happy about this. And yes I did make sure my own views weren't counted. At first I was hoping to reach 100 views this month so this is AMAZING! Hopefully tomorrow I'll reach 1.000 views.

I saved the best for last, I love all of my followers! I just like the fact that people read my blog and actually want to read more. Oh LOVE YOU ALL! First I had no one following me, blogging was fun. Now I've got some people following me, blogging is super duper fun!:)


Now next month my blog will probably change a bit! Because I'm getting back to normal life!
School is starting in a couple of weeks :(, field hockey practice is back on next week, karate is starting when school starts. So I'm going to be really busy! And especailly school is going to be hectik.

So, my plan for this blog is to post weekly. I'm not sure  it's going to be in the weekends or any  another day. I think I will really know for sure when I've been to school a couple of weeks.

Hope you liked this little anniversary post! See you all soon!
This is how much I love my followers ;D

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