Friday, 9 August 2013

Garden and Longboarding

Hey everyone!
I haven't posted anything for a week now, I missed it!
I've been busy making Youtube videos and playing field hockey again!
Another reason why I've been away is because I simply didn't know what to write about.

And yes, I was a bit lazy too!

I was in my garden today, it's not that pretty. So I gave myself a challenge!
I had to try to make photos of the couple of flowers and beautiful stuff we do have in our garden! And make my garden look pretty for you! Let's see how it went.

Just a side note, I'm not good a making photos, I just try the best I can!

These flowers are in my garden the most
I thought these were really pretty
Same flowers, but these were higher so the sun was shining on them

Nothing to say really...

This more like what I mean, no flowers just plants

This my cat looking really mad because I was taking a picture of her!

This thingy was really lonely in the grass

I also did some longboarding which was really fun !

So I hope you liked the couple of photos I made! If you do, let me now in the comments!
There's also a arty farty post coming up!


  1. Pretty pictures! Nice blog, I'm a new follower.

    Sarah x

  2. really pretty! I loved the third photo :)

  3. Hiya, thankyou for following my new blog- absolutely love yours!xo

  4. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! If you would like to do this my link is:

    1. Thank you! Can I do the Liebster Award twice? Oh well I don't care I'll just do it! :D

  5. Yea your garden seems pretty :)
    Im a new follower xx

  6. Hello it's Claire from she's that quiet girl! Thank you so much for the fab comment you left! and thanks for following I followed you back! your blog is gorgeous! I love it xxx

    1. Hi!
      You're welcom! Thank you very very much!

  7. I wish I actually could longboard. I mean I can I just can't get off.
    Nice pictures btw! :)


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