Thursday, 19 September 2013

Outfit Ideas with Polyvore

Hi everyone!
My friend Lovely Lou just started her blog, and she made this wonderful outfits with a site, Polyvore. And it's my new passion. So here are some of the outfits I made. Just a sidenote, I'm not good in naming the outfits. And you will just see some outfits with not much to say about it really.
I also want you guys to see how much my style variates and how I don't really have one style I like!

1. Classy but Sassy ;)
I just love the floral top!
2. All you need is love.

3. Casual Geek

Casual Geek = Me

Hope you  liked this!
Thanks for reading! (and  mostly looking)


  1. Hii, thanks for linking me(?)xd don't know how you say that.. but you made some really cute outfits! I love the third one cuz that's my style basically :p.

    xoxo Lou!

  2. Hey i just thought that i would let you know that ive tagged you in my last blog! 'The Autumn tag' check it out! cant wait to see your reply!

  3. De eerste twee zijn mijn favorieten! Ik ben toch wat meer van het lieflijke, met bloemetjes enzo.

    Liefs Fashialies

    PS: wat een leuke layout heeft jou blog. Echt een toffe achtergrond.

    1. Ik vind vooral de eerste echt heel leuk! :)
      Bloemetjes zijn altijd leuk ;p
      Echt bedankt zeg, vind ik altijd leuk als iemand ook nog iets over mijn design zegt :D<3

  4. The floral top is cute! :) xx

  5. I love polyvore! These outfits are so cute!
    Chloe Xx

  6. So cute! I could spend hours on polyvore too!

    abi x


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