Sunday, 1 September 2013

Painting DIY | 'keep calm and love twins'

Hi everyone! I'm back, back again, whoop whoop! ;)

When I have summer vacation I always do things I don't normally do because I don't have the time.
So a couple of weeks ago I painted!

I saw a  'keep calm painting' on a blog. But I sort of forgot the name of the blog. So sorry!
And I thought, let's try it out! I made a keep calm and love twins painting with a aztec background. But you can change the text and everything just the way you want! This is how I did it!

First of all, get everything! I like to put some paper under my painting because I don't want any paint on my desk. You obviously need paint and some brushes. It's also nice to have a pencil and a ruler. And you might want to grab something like an Ipad or a PC or something like that.

I used the Ipad to look up how big the letters are in comparison to the other words. Then I started drawing the letters with a pencil and ruler.

The letters look darker because the effect which I didn't use in the next photos.
Now I painted the base coat of the letters. It doesn't have to be perfect just yet.

I then drew a heart above the letters.

Next thing is painting your background, pick any colour you want!


I now painted a second coat on the letters. You can really see the difference so I recommend doing that.


I now also painted the back ground again. Which I would again, highly recommend. And I also started with the aztec by painting some circles.


Now complete the aztec print with things you can think of! And what I like to do is also paint the 'sides' of a painting because it looks better. So I just cotinued the aztec print.

The end result! I think it's a bit, how do you say it, incorrect. If you now what I mean. Everything is just not in the right size. But I still like it! And I hope you do too!

If you did this too, please send me a photo or maybe a link to a post if you even made a post about it. Just let me know!

Thank you for reading!
See you soon!


  1. whenever I see twins i instantly think of jacksgap. do you ever happen to know them? hehe thank you so much for the lovely comment. x i appreciate it. x

    love always, Ena

  2. Nice blog! I have nominated you for the liebster award, check it out here xxxx

    1. Thank you! Well I've been nominated twice already so I'm sorry ;(
      Thanks anyway! :)

  3. They turned out so cute! xo

  4. This board looks so nice you should have replaced pink with purple but it is beautiful good effort.

    How about following me back?

  5. Hi I'm a new follower, this looks great!


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