Saturday, 28 September 2013

The Reader Appreciation Award

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Hi everyone!
I'm really happy with my blog right now.. I've just reached 100 followers and now I'm nominated for a blog award (and it isn't even the Liebster Award). How great is that!

So I'm nominated for 'the Reader Appreciation Award' by the lovely Radiance. I think it's a very cool award!

When you nominate a blog for The Reader Appreciation Award, you are stating you admire the person's blog and recommend people check it out.

Now there are some rules;
1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer 10 questions about yourself, if you want to.
3. Nominate 10-12 blogs that you love. (that's a lot! ;o). Or you pick the number. (never mind hahaha)
4. Contact the nominated blogger to let them know.
5. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you with a link in your blog.

I'm just going to start with my nominations;
A Blog by Kelsey because I think she's just a lovely blogger! And I've been really liking seeing her comments on my blog :) we have A LOT in common.
Ashly Phillips because she always posts little cute posts and her blog looks amazing!
Amy's Beauty Journal because I like her blog, and her photos are great!
Everyone's Perfect because she has a great blog name and her posts are very interesting!

So it aren't exactly 10-12 blogs, and the 'because' thingy wasn't necessary either but.... let's just move on! And answer some questions.

1. What´s your favourite colour?
redish pink. Of course now you know exactly what I mean..

2. What's your favourite drink?
A strawberry milkshake! So healthy ;)

3. Di you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
Definitly Facebook.

4. What's your passion?
Blogging and sports.

5. What's your favourite patern?
Aztec or something similair to that.

6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
Getting, I like new stuff and my present are always very boring so yeah.

7. What's your favourite number?
14 or 16, not sure.

8. Favourite day of the week?
Saturday or Friday. Probably Saturday.

9. Favourite flower?
pink roses.

So I'm very happy with this award, I hope you liked this post!
Thanks for reading.


  1. the header/design of your blog is so adorable!

    I followed, check out my blog if you get the chance :)

  2. You have a cool blog, Congrats on this award. Mind we follow one another? Follow my blog if you like it and i will sure follow you back.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. just came across your blog and it is so lovely! Wish you the best of luck x

  4. I am following you now, but i just checked my Gfc followers I cant find you among them. I hope you try follow back. Thank you.

  5. I just followed you and I am loving your blog all ready, well done on 100 followers! If you have the time I would love if you could check out my blog!xx

  6. Thanks so much for the nomination. Mine will be up shortly. Thanks again :)


  7. Great reading this, I know you've just done a Liebster award but I've nominated you for another, hehe! Rachel x

    1. Hi! Thanks, oh I'll put the aswers in my Liebster Liebster Liebster award post in a couple of days!

  8. Thankyou so much Amber for nominating me! and we have TOO MUCH in common.. its getting freaky!;) but this will defiantly be uploaded as my next post thanks again!:) x

    1. You're welcome! hahaha ;)
      Great, and you're welcome again hahaha!

  9. Hoi! Ik ben Emma en ik heb zelf ook een blog: La plus belle du monde. Ik vind je blog heel leuk en heb je dan ook genomineerd voor een Liebster Award! Klik op de link om naar het berichtje op mijn blog te gaan! Veel groetjes, Emma!


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