Saturday, 15 February 2014

Arizona Iced Tea | Review

Today I wanted to talk about Arizon Iced tea. I love this drink! It's healthy and tasty!

I've only tried one flavour but I'm definitely going to try the others.The one I tried is the 'Green Tea with Honey'. And it's super delicious! It's not to sweet and just very tasty. I don't know if it tastes good when it's hot but some people so it does so I'm also going to try that.

I wasn't sure if this was really a healthy drink so obviously, I googled it! And now I'm pretty sure it's healthy. So that's also great because I've been really trying to be healthy. And this is nice to drink instead of water!

And the other thing I love about this drink is the bottle. That's like the cutest thing I've ever seen! I'm planning on putting my water in there and taking it to school just because it looks cool hahaha.


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Fashion Wishlist

Today I'm back with a fashion wishlist. I haven't done one of these in a while so I had to really stop myself from putting lots of things on one wishlist! Enjoy!

I love this dress I saw on the H&M website. You can either just wear it like that or wear a shirt under it which looks great on the model so it would probably look great on me too right? ;) And I just think it's really cute! It is quite expensive though € 49,95

I don't even have on statement necklace and I really 'need' one! I really like this one from Forever 21. I think you can wear this with a lot of outfits so that's why I liked it. This one is only € 5,90

3. Fitness Clothes
If you read my 'New Years Resolutions' post you may know I planning on getting fit in 2014. It's going ok but I still need to lose a little fat to feel completely confident. But anyways I want to start running so I realy need some clothes. I really like the top (€ 29,95) and short (€ 14,95) with pink accents which I saw on the H&M site and the shoes you can just find in a store...somewhere... 

I'm in love with this jumper from America Today. I sometimes don't like the clothes from America Today at all but I alway have a look and I'm happy I did. It's so cute and I don't what to say except I love it! (And that it is € 29,95)

5. High Waisted Jeans
I love these blue jeans. I really want to be able to rock these with a crop top this summer. But that's after I used the items from number 3 on this list! These are € 24,95

Sunday, 2 February 2014

What I've Been Doing

First of all I just want to let you know I'm not sorry I didn't post a lot but I do apalogize to people who have been missing my posts. I was focussing on some different things than my blog last month, more offline things.

But I have really missed blogging so I'm back again. I promise I will post this month and I'm also changing my blog a lot. I'm going to put a source below every photo which isn't mine because I think that's a lot more honest and I didn't know about doing that when I started blogging.  I'm also completely changing my blog layout. So hopefully you will all like that.

It feels a little weird blogging again, it's like I'm writitng my first post. But that's probably because it's been a while since I've really wrote something and not just post some photos. So hopefully you all still like me and are also happy with posts full of me typing nonsense.

I'm also not always sure what to post on this blog because I just don't have the best ideas. And I'm really hoping some good ideas will come very soon. I do have an OOTD completely finished but I don't what to post too many OOTD's at once. So I think they're will be some more ramblings posts, wishlist and maybe some monthly favourites.

So that was just a little update. And I really do hope you enjoyed reading this!

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