Friday, 14 March 2014

Fashion Haul - H&M, Bershka, America Today

I went shopping with my mum and my sister. So I figured I would show you what I've bought.
I think hauls are my most popular posts so hopefully you like this one too :)

I love this jumper I saw in America Today so much. It's cropped and I love everything about it really. And you may know it's actually on my wishlist I did about a month ago! This was €29,95

 I love this shirt so much! It's really perfect for spring because it's not very warm like winter jumpers but it's warmer than a t-shirt which you wear in summer! Perfect! And the pattern is very cute as well.

I got these jeans ate Bershka really wanted some high waisted jeans and I also really wanted some light blue jeans so these are perfect! They are so comfortable and they look really cute with the cropped jumper from America Today. These where €24,95

Next thing I got is this bag from H&M. It's my new school bag and I really love it! It's very basic but still cute and you can get all your school stuff in there easily. This was €29,95

The last thing I got are these Nike running shoes. As you may know one of my new year's resolutions is getting fit so that's why I bought these. These were €54,95
*photo soon, I'm lazy.... okay, I'm very lazy give me one more week!*



  1. I really like the jeans, I love high waisted things!
    Eden from edenroses xx

  2. I have tagged you in the 40 beauty questions tag over on my blog. I would love for you to check it out!

  3. I love high waisted denim! I would love to see what you pair with them. I can't wait to keep reading your blog! I subscribed awhile ago, but I have been quite behind & haven't posted in awhile, so I'll get back to reading yours more regularly, I promise!

    Maggie D. xx

    1. I'll definitely make a post about that! haha great!

  4. I love the first top! I see you got something from your wishlist <3
    ~Makaela at

  5. I love the less is more top! Beautiful! You have a lovely blog:)
    -Lauren xoxo

  6. Cute haul! you can really find some great things at h&m
    Follow me back?


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