Monday, 26 May 2014

My Trip To Lille 2014

Hello there,
I went to Lille a few weeks ago and maybe some photographs, I don't have super exciting stories. But I'll try putting something together for you!

Day 1.
We all arrived at school very early, it's about 5 hour drive with the bus so leaving in time was important.
When we finally arrived in Lille it was amazing. Everyone talks French, Lille is stunning and just the whole 'vibe' you get when your in a different country was something very nice.

First thing with did was have lunch in this very beautiful park, it was really nice to just relax and enjoy our meal after that bus drive. The weather was really, and there were some cute French couples and two people doing Tai Chi, which just made everything a bit more interesting haha.

The next thing with did was explore Lille. One big down side to this amazing city is a lot of hobos and random drunk people. I had one man shouting weird things in French at me while I was enjoying a sandwich, and out of nowhere had a drunk man on me when I was sitting on a bench, not the most fun memory..

But Lille is beautiful, because we where here with school, we had to do some assignments. I did this with my sister and another friend, it's was very stressful. Although it didn't need be, we all just had a bad day.

Asking French people questions was actually quite fun, because some people were really helpful and patient. And it always makes me really happy to 'meet' nice people. 

Day 2.
We didn't actually stay in a hotel or something like that. We stayed in a home with a Frecnh family, didn't like them at all though.

The next day we went to the LOSC soccer stadium. We did a tour and say literally everything. It was very cool, especially to see the dressing rooms. But what I liked the most wass going on the field the way the players always do!

Next we went to a French school, we had lunch there which was really nice and delicious. And it was also a great experience to meet French students. It made me want to travel and meet other people even more than before. After lunch we did some assignments at the school together with the students which was a bit boring.

Now something which a lot of people liked the most, shopping in Eurallile. But me and my sister actually thought it wasn't that interesting. Because shopping in France is just the same as shopping in the Netherlands.
But then me and my sister went for some shopping in the supermarket, which was amazing! I don't really know how to explain why it was so much fun, but it just felt like being on a holiday again.

And at the end of the day we had to go back to the French family.

Day 3.
It was our last day in France, and I also thought it was the most fun! First we went to a museum, where we had to do some boring assingments. But some stuff there were actually quite interesting.

After that we went to a adventure park, which was the most fun thing of the whole trip. It was raining a lot but it was just very very fun! 

And that was the end of our trip, I'm really excited to go travel now! I hadn't done it in a while and now I want to do it even more. I just love it, it's a great feeling. And everyone who is lucky enough to travel somewhere, even if it's only once, should be very thankful and try to make the most out of it.



  1. Lovely photos! It looks like an amazing place x

  2. I like your photography! Lille looks like a lovely place, the buildings are so detailed and interesting. Xx

  3. wonderful photos:)!
    please visit me in free time:)

  4. Wow, you are 14 years old and you already have such a successful blog. :o
    I think that is really admirable!


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