Sunday, 3 August 2014

Primark, H&M Haul

Hello there,
I'm back with haul! You guys seem to like them, and I like shopping, so perfect! 

I'm definitely in love with these shoes! Obviously they look really nice, but they also make you taller and are really easy to style! Love them! And they were €19,99.

I needed these for something.. I'll tell you later in this post ;) But anyways I love these, they're only €9,95 which is such a bargain! And they are just the right length and material I like!

These are perfect for 'inbetween weather' where you just do not know what to wear! And I love the little pocket. €9,99

This crop top is so cool! The colours are really bright and fun! €4,99

This is just something I 'needed'. It's really nice for sports, and also for layering! €7,95

I'm a real Potterhead, so this shirt is absolutely amazing! And the colour is really nice too, I love this! €7

I love this top, it's great for summer! I love the fonts, and the flowers! €6

I'm doing the Color Run! And we picked up the package, so exciting!
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