Sunday, 7 September 2014

15 Things I Did This Summer

Hello everyone,
I'm a horrible blogger, and I'm sorry. I can't help it! I still love to write a little posts from time to time, so here's one!

I did a post which is named '15 Things I'm Going To Do This Summer' before my summer vacation, and here is how much I actually managed to do.

1. Learn 'Let Her Go' on the guitar 
I tried, but I can't! And I still need to start playing the guitar more. So this one is a bit of a fail.

2. Be a healthy and active person (with a flat stomach haha)
But... there's food... and I like food...
I did start running though :D

3. Get a job online

4. Change my room in a way that I will finally love it and not just like it
It's getting there!

5. Paint at least two paintings I can be proud of
Turns out, I can't paint!

6. Write lots of blogposts and try getting my blog 'going' again 
This is soooo bad, I really need to do something about this!

7. Start selling things I don't need anymore online
I'll get right on that... tomorrow

8. Get rid of all the clothes I don't wear and give them to charity 
YAASSS! That's one done!

9. Give toys and other stuff to charity 
And another one!

10. Reach 500 subscribers and make videos I'm happy with 
I got 506 :)

11. Have a Harry Potter movie night and make butterbeer
I just didn't spent a lot of time watching tv, so maybe another time!

12. Skateboard and longboard a lot more
I'm really into longboarding :)

13. Learn to cook 

Sort of, I'm not very good! But I can do something!

14. Do lots of DIY's and baking
I did some, but not lots to be honest.

15. Read at least 3 books I have never read before 

I think I read about 7, nailed it.

I can't say I did a lot of these things, but I did have an amazing vacation! I did a lot of fun things, and visited some really nice parts of the Netherlands.


  1. I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom, too. I'm glad you had a nice vacation! Lovely post!:)

  2. i wanted to do lots of baking too, i never got round to it though! boooo x
    i love your header too- its really cute xxx

  3. One of my things I need to do is get healthy and have a flat stomach but I agree food is so much better

  4. This post reminded me to create a bucketlist for 2015!


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