Friday, 14 August 2015

My 90 Deyes

Hi there,
so today I am going to blog about something YouTube related, but in a way also life related.

This is related to Youtube because I am going to talk about a Youtuber, namely Alfie Deyes.
Here he is if you do not know him:

source: @PointlessBlog
He is such a good-looking guy, isn't he?

Anyways, I love watching his daily vlogs. And yesterday I binged watch quite a few.
In his (then) latest video he talked about his friend and fellow Youtuber, Yousef. He gave himself 90 days to become a better person. And Alfie saw Yousef's video, and decided to do that too.

Alfie talked about how he was going to keep his audience updated. And he is been talking non-stop about it in his other vlogs. So, I got very inspired and decided to do the challenge as well!

The plan is to do the challenge alongside Alfie's daily vlogs. So when his vlog is posted from him talking about day 1, I will at that moment actually be at day 1 of the challenge. I am hoping that Alfie's vlog will give me a bit of inspiration.

In this video I talked about what I want to do:

But if you don't like videos, here is a little list:
- Upload more and better videos
- Write more on my blog or little stories. Just write more in general.
- Become more healthy and active, the standard.
- Do more artsy things, like painting, drawing and photographing.
- Read more, because I have been loving reading recently. And I think it is a bit more 'rewarding' than just watching TV.

I think these are all of them. Obviously there are a lot more aspects but I can't mention them all.
This is just a thing I am going to try, I don't know if it will work but what is the harm in trying?

Do you often do these sort of challenges? Or do you really dislike these sort of things? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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