Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Pawporn - It's A Thing!

Hi everyone,

Yes you did read it correctly, paw porn. If you ask me, this is one of the best things on the internet. But what is paw porn? It is definitely not some sort of weird porn, you dirty mind. You can sort of compare it with food porn, so nothing weird going on here. Just a lot of cute paws on the internet.

Where can you find this beautiful phenomenon?
Well, there are some different places. Here's a little list for you:

1 - Instagram, just search #pawporn and enjoy.
2 - Tumblr, but do not search 'paw porn', you will find some very strange images. Search 'pawporn' instead. Paw porn, pawporn, paw porn, pawporn, paw porn, pawporn, see what I am doing here?
3 - Vine, if you prefer moving paws ;)
4 - Google, this quite obvious because you can literally find anything on Google. Again, do not search 'paw porn', you will find some very disturbing images. 'Pawporn' is the way to go here. Just found out, you also shouldn't scroll to far down when searching pawporn. Google sort of starts forgetting the 'paw' if you get what I mean.

What do you think?
I just love that this is a thing on the internet. Let me know what you think! Have you heard of 'pawporn' before?

'I love the whole pawporn thing' - Dushi


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